Wood Fence Contractor in Mansfield TX

Wood Fence

The most common fence choice in Mansfield, Texas is wood with runners, pickets, and posts. At Mansfield Fence, we install a variety of wood fence types such as western red cedar, spruce, and pine.

Spruce/ Pine

Spruce is the cheapest option when building a fence, however, it is generally not recommended for outdoor use due to its inability to survive outdoor climates. Spruce typically will last no longer than 12-18 months.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is among the most resistant fencing products and can even be successfully used as decking, posts, pergolas, and siding. It is considered a material of the highest value and quality.

Fence Posts

When choosing fence posts, we recommend metal posts to keep the fence straight and to protect it from weathering. However, we have several options available for the construction of your wood fence.