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Mansfield Fence provides our customers with work of the highest quality, setting higher levels of expectation to the local fence industry. As former military, we strive to combine our fencing expertise with our military backgrounds to deliver products and services of the highest quality. We have worked in the fence industry of Mansfield since 2000 and have grown into one of the top local companies. On site of each of our projects, you will find a dedicated crew with excellent crew leaders.


Mansfield Fence Contractor

Mansfield Fence Contractor

Mansfield Fence is a local company of former veterans who returned home to serve our local surrounding communities.


Fence Design

As fencing experts, we identify the best types of fence materials to fit your desired look and support. Our most common combination is Western Red Cedar with Galvanized Steel Posts, however, we offer a number of other combinations. Our professionals have a keen eye for design and construction.


Fence Materials

Mansfield Fence holds a high standard for our crew and suppliers alike. Many local fence companies will simply look for a cheap deal on products and supplies instead of finding those of the utmost quality. At Mansfield Fence, we find the top qualities to fit your budget, contrary to the course of action taken by many of our competitors.


Fence Cost

Typically, home fencing in Mansfield should cost around $15-$45 per linear foot (based on chosen product and materials). At Mansfield Fence, we offer a variety of options and combinations to serve different purposes.


Fence Installation

Mansfield Fence is where fencing experience meets skill. We have had the same team since 2000, with very little change, which makes our expertise stand out in the fence industry.

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